About Blair Muhlestein

Blair's love of sculpting began many years ago when he started carving neckerchief slides for his Boy Scout troop. As his wooden sculptures grew in size, and his collectors grew in age, a change of mediums became necessary. Sculpting in clay gives Blair artistic freedoms that wood never could, and casting in bronze adds elegance and timelessness to his works of art. As Blair's "hobby" matured, his career with Hewlett Packard allowed him the financial freedom to develop his love of sculpting in ways that many artists only dream of.

Best known as a sculptor of "realistic children", Blair sculpted in various media for over 35 years. He has more than 5,000 sculptures located around the world, including 3 life size sculptures in Loveland and numerous more around the world. Blair has also been privileged to participate in Loveland's "Sculpture in the Park" show for more than 20 years.

Blair found that sculpting in bronze enabled him to take his art to a much higher level. Being able to instill life like emotion into the faces of his sculptures won him numerous awards, and inspires all those that view his art. He used children to motivate his creativity, and to spark the imaginations of art lovers around the world.

Notable collectors around the world are enjoying Blair's sculptures. "On My Honor" and "Long May It Wave" stand in the home of past President Gerald R. Ford. The CBS television series "Touched By An Angel" featured "Flyin'" life-size in their 1995 premier episode. And Olympic Gold Medalists Bonnie Blair and Dan Janson, found "Skaters" to be of the "stuff that champions are made". Blair is continually producing new and exciting pieces which are designed to rekindle the dreams and inspire the imaginations in all of us.

Beloved husband, father, grandfather and artist Howard “Blair” Muhlestein, 75, passed away peacefully at home, Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Loveland, Colorado, surrounded by family and friends in a chorus of laughter and song.

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